MMC Program Description

Mobile Medical Clinic is dedicated to maintaining the health and wellbeing of our adult patients, while focusing on preventive medicine. We have structured our medical management program with these goals in mind.

The MMC program was developed to provide a multitude of medical services to the elderly, homebound, and all others that prefer to be treated in the comfort of their own home.

MMC recognizes that medical care for the homebound has traditionally been underserved. We also realize that many others are either too busy or too sick to seek the medical attention they need. MMC believes that all patients deserve quality medical care.

The healthcare and wellness of our patients always comes first. MMC is proud to offer quality home medical care to patients in the Metro Milwaukee area and beyond. Our coverage area is always increasing, please call us for coverage details.

MMC evaluation and management for in home care is at the same level that would be offered at a freestanding clinic:

Comprehensive pre-screening
Routine follow-up visits
Referral service to specialists
Complete prescriptions from renewal to delivery

MMC also provides:

Most modern portable equipment available
Holter monitors, EKGs and X-Rays
Hemodynamic analysis
Vital lab tests including blood and urinalysis

MMC has teamed with medical supply companies and pharmacies to offer its patients state of the art diabetes supplies, respiratory supplies, and medications. This relationship allows MMC health care providers to provide next day, front door delivery of diabetic, respiratory, and pharmacy needs to all our patients, and immediate tracking and verification of those services.

Patient Testimonials

MMC is a whole new experience, being able to be treated with comfort in my own home; priceless.

Predrag Bajic

My wife and I are elderly people. Being at the doctors office all day makes us tired, but one phone call solved our medical problems. Thanks MMC

Peter Schmidth

Other services provided me a different doctor all the time; but I’ve always had the same MMC Doctor. She knows me like a book and I have all the confidence in the world in her.

Jerry Potter

Getting to a doctor’s office and waiting for appointments is very hard for me, but my doctor comes to my doorstep. I know I can always count on him to be there for me.”

Robert Dollman


- MMC allows you to stay in your home for doctor appointments

- Provides healthcare independence for the elderly

- Decrease anxiety about seeing a doctor

- The clinic comes to you in the comfort of your own home